About Us

CREATE was born over a friendly dinner conversation with friends in the fall of 2009. The conversation was about the need for a quality art store on Nantucket Island.

Our History

30 Years in the making

It had been 30 years since Nantucket had an art supply store dedicated to supplying the many artists that live on the island year round and those who come to practice their art part time with products that are the finest quality and also a reasonable price.

Est. 2010

Our Story

From that first dinner conversation came the wonderful, exciting store called CREATE!

CREATE is located at 8 Amelia Drive on the beautiful island of Nantucket and has a complete selection of the finest art supplies available for professional artists as well as students and younger artists just discovering their talents.

Since opening in June 2010, CREATE has blossomed into a wonderland of materials for painting, as well as many other arts and crafts products.

CREATE‛S mission is to provide the best quality art products to Islanders and visitors, and to teach and inspire people of all ages to develop and discover the beautiful, unlimited world of art!

Welcome to CREATE!